Older stuff for friends and fun. 

My dad used to say if I had any more holes in my head, my brain would fall out... self portrait.

Woody Guthrie.


Used to art direct a lot of CG stuff. 

Grower, not a show-er.

Vinnie van G.

My friend posted my Van Gogh Halloween costume to Reddit and it made it to the front page. Subsequently it went all over the news and random websites, teaching me a lesson about the dark depths of the internet, and scaring my mom. The next year I had to carry around a reference image to show who Hank Scorpio from the Simpsons was. It did not get posted to Reddit by my friend. 🤷‍♂️

Barn Owl Records.


Amsterdam livin’, expats complainin’. 

Exploding mini projector because why not.  

Filmed The War on Drugs band in a tiny covered rooftop area due to a predictably rainy night in Amsterdam. (before they got big obvs 🙄 )

Self portrait with twin beer.

Worked on an experimental real-time eyewear configurator with no UI. 

Old logo.

The future.